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Company Information:

With the release of the 2017 AMR Farmer Radio Listening Study, ratings for farmer listening are now available to advertisers and marketers using software developed as a result of this Ag Media Research (AMR) study. This software is made available at no charge to agencies and companies marketing products or services to farmers and ranchers. 

Conducted during the spring of 2016 in 13 Corn Belt states, and in 9 other states in 2017, 12,541 farmers were interviewed by telephone in 2016 and 3,482 in 2017.

In addition to farmer listening ratings for radio stations, consolidated, or unduplicated, ratings are also provide for participating farm radio networks of stations.

Radio listening ratings can also be calculated by 13 different commodities produced. A Web version of the ratings software can be downloaded here.

In the winter of 2015, AMR completed a 1,200-interview study by telephone for RFD-TV, and again in the winter of 2016.  Also, in the fall of 2015, AMR conducted a 1,000-interview study for the Rural Radio channel on SiriusXM.

In 2014 AMR conducted a National Media Use Study for Farm Journal Media consisting of 1,031 telephone interviews of producers with $250,000+ in market value of products sold.

In the spring of 2012, AMR conducted a study for NAFB published as the NAFB 2012 Media Research Synopsis.  1,550 producer interviews, weighted to 1,893 interviews, were completed from 47 states.  Respondents had a minimum of $100,000 Gross Farm Income in the previous year.  Contact the NAFB for additional information (www.nafb.com).

In August of 2011 AMR completed the NAFB Farm Media Update Survey.  This was an update of the 2008 National Producer Media-Use Wave Study.  This update survey consisted of over 1,500  producers interviewed by telephone.

During August and September of 2009, AMR conducted the 2009 NAFB Internet Usage Study for the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.  For this study, 2,225 producers with at least $100,000 in gross farm income (GFI) were interviewed by telephone.  Producers responded to questions regarding Internet preferences and uses, text messaging, and demographic data.

In addition, the 2008 National Producer Media-Use Wave Study has been released by the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. This three-wave study was also conducted by AMR.  Each monthly wave consisted of 800 telephone interviews of producers with more than $100,000 in Gross Farm Income. They were conducted during February, April and September of 2008.

With the increasing demand for rural lifestyle marketing and media information, AMR established RURIS Research. Previously, AMR had conducted several major rural lifestyle marketing and media research projects.

For additional information or to request farmer radio listening ratings software, contact us.

Ron Claussen, President
Sioux Falls, SD

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